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Wiki Peter Zezima

Who is Peter Zezima? Well Peter Zezima is a very well known legend on a MMORPG game called "RuneScape". Peter became really popular on that video game after years of playing. People looked up to him as a friend and others just a pier. He was one of the top players of "RuneScape". He placed #1 on RuneScape high scores and remained there for quite sometime.

RuneScape changing may have caused Zezima to lose his urge to play. One thing that is known is Peter Zezima (Zezima) is on "FunOrb". Jagex Ltd, founders of RuneScape and FunOrb. He was last known to be on this rather then to be on RuneScape. His reason was because RuneScape was a challenge back then now, things are easy to obtame. Why should he play all this time and put all that work and effort into something and then watch a little 12 year old get the same stuff because he had money. This is something that really did ruin RuneScape and put it into the ground.


  • He currently has a girlfriend that also plays RuneScape.